Hi, I'm Dawn Parry and I LOVE Bristol!

Join Me

Bristol has been my home since I was a teenager. I am a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman as well as a social entrepreneur. I invented solar powered back packs in 2003 when my son was shot at in Africa while on a gap year. I am currently involved in global fuel decontamination technology reducing pollution in transportation systems and increasing fuel efficiency. My family live and work here, my husband and I married here at All Saints Church on Pembroke Road, my sons were born at St Michael’s Hospital,  my husband is a Mathematics teacher and our youngest son is currently studying for his AS's.

I live here and care deeply about our local community. We elect people into power who then seem to conspire to work against us instead of bettering our quality of life! I feel disillusioned by the way many of our elected politicians appear to have contempt for us. There are only 25 female Cllrs out of 70 Bristol City Cllrs. Please help me redress that imbalance.


I promise to HEAR you, I promise to RESPECT you and I promise to TRUST you.

My pledge is to  get the very best deal for Clifton Down and Bristol people from City Hall. I sincerely want to represent you and to achieve better outcomes and more joined-up planning. Bristol is now internationally renowned for being Independent, entrepreneurial and diverse. We are a city full of opportunity and quirky, exciting, intelligent, arty, shiny people. Clifton Down residents are especially creative across the arts, in business, small and large and social enterprises - we even have our own award winning independent radio stations and television companies here.


We have an elected Independent Mayor who has achieved placing Bristol high on the international stage and I am a great supporter of George Feeguson and of our elected Independent Police & Crime Commissioner who has always been open and transparent without the constraints of party politics. It’s time for us to fully embrace Independents (and independence!) in Clifton Down and in all of Bristol. Please take this opportunity to elect me, Dawn Parry, your own local Independent Councillor into City Hall, to be your voice within Bristol City Council. It’s time for